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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Anonimity of a Blog

I have been thinking often of the anonymity of this blog. I have not told anyone that I write this blog, that is anyone in the "real world Stephanie life". I know that if any of them stumbled across it they would instantly notice that it was me after reading about 5-10 posts. It is not hard. I use my first name, I have posted some real pictures here and I talk about my real life experiences and I am very honest, but this is a secret outlet for me. I have never written anything at all, and my parents have always told me that I really don't have a talent for it, so this is a first. I post my migraine comics, or attempts at comics, on my facebook page, where I have close to 700 "friends" so it would not be rocket science to figure it out. I do wonder if I am an anomaly or if others are in the same boat. I notice on some other blogs, that individuals are very open about who they are in some weird ways-Posting pictures of themselves and their kids but not putting up their names - I find it odd. Anyway, I am happy with the way this is working. I don't have a sense of how many people read this little blog, so right now it is a little private outlet for me.

For those of you that are stopping by to have a read, if you are blogging, how open are you about your blogging??? Is it something that you are telling family and friends that you are doing? I am fascinated to hear your answers. Thanks in advance for your replies! Princess

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