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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Food Industry Roundup - The Cookbook Chronicles

This is such a good list. I absolutely love it and what a great list of cookbooks. I copied the list that got 4 or more nominations:

The Most-Stained Cookbooks: these books were selected four or more times by the below food professionals. To save repetition, here they are — the most popular:

-Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child, Louisette Bertholle, Simone Beck
On Food and Cooking by Harold McGee — “The book I refer to most often is probably my own. I wrote it partly so I wouldn’t have to remember all the stuff I’ve learned over the years!” (Harold McGee)
-The Joy of Cooking (1964 or older) by Irma S. Rombauer — “There’s been a copy in the family country home for as long as I can remember, stained with every summer fruit available in the northeast.” (Zakary Pelaccio)
-The Cake Bible By Rose Levy Beranbaum — “The bibles of Beranbaum, of course.” (Pichet Ong)
-The Classic Italian Cookbook by Marcella Hazan
-Simple French Food by Richard Olney
-The Escoffier Cookbook and Guide to the Fine Art of Cookery by Auguste Escoffier
-Anything by Paula Wolfert — “She has some amazing things scattered throughout every book, and I always learn something.” (Daniel Patterson)

The only books on the list that I don't have are the Auguste Escoffier book and anything by Paula Wolfert. I love the rest of the books on the list. If you want to see the whole list you can find it here. It is amazing. I think that I might have a bunch of cookbooks on "to buy list". Damn.

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