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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sex and the City - the movie - yes I'm behind the times

I finally went to see the movie. I am and was a total addict to the show. I watched every single episode and have re watched nearly every single episode. I loved the fashion, I loved the girls, I loved the camaraderie, I loved the whole thing. I have been avoiding the movie because it has felt like it would be like an end of the era. I was worried about it. I didn't want it to be the end of the era. Last week two of my girls forced me to go. I am so happy that I did.
Firstly, I promise not to give away anything other than to say that I loved all of the plot lines. Secondly, the fashion was AMAZING!!!!!! I am still in awe over the shoes and the bags. They were truly stunning, perfectly lovely. I can barely breath when I think about how fabulous they were. I must give a nod out to the men, who also were all looking fantastic, except for one scene where Harry wore a really bad tie (sorry Harry!). This leads us to the wedding dresses. Breathless. Every friggin' one of them. And without giving anything away, If I ever get married, I will have to wear a headpiece just like one of the ones in the movie. I will have to. It is too much. They are all so fabulous.
I am so glad that I went. Thanks to my ladies who forced me to go. I really don't know what I would do without you.

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