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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Princess's Recommended Reads - Coco's Tea Party

I could not legitimately start my recommended reading list without referencing my very favourite Coco, at Coco's Tea Party. As my Fabulous Gay BF said to me in an e-mail yesterday when I recommended it to him "Coco's Tea Party is effing fabulous!" I could not agree more.

Not only is she so stylish you could die, she is witty, smart, delightful, polite and just a pleasure to read. The best part about her blog though is you want to be her BFF. She is like the really cool girl in high school who still had the time of day for everyone, even you. My favorite things on her blogs, other than her posts of course, are her "Words of Advice", "Who said what" and also her header photos are fantastic. She is truly wonderful. I admit that I have a total girl crush and blogger envy of her. I adore her. If you haven't read her before, be prepared for addiction.

Coco, your the best! Keep up the good work!

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