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Friday, August 8, 2008

The wedding check list

I think that we all must have a wedding checklist of random things and cliches that we always hope that we will see at a wedding, just to say that we have. I was chatting with some girlfriends after SATC and we're started our list. The cliches and fabulous list that I want to make sure I get through is as follows. Attend a wedding:

- with a fountain and staircases in or around the cake
- with more than 5 bridesmaids and 5 groomsmen - done
- in Paris
- at a Ritz - done
- that was a secret until we got there
- on a beach
- with rainbow coloured bridesmaid dresses
- with only children as attendents
- a gay wedding
- a hindu wedding

The list goes on and on. This all comes up because I recently was invited to go to Paris for the weekend by two of my very very very good friends. They kept pressuring and pressuring and pressuring me to go, and I just couldn't make the finances work. Turns out, not only could I have checked off fabulous wedding in Paris, but Fabulous Gay Wedding in Paris, not to mention Fabulous Secret Fabulous Gay Wedding in Paris.... So sorry I didn't go. I was mad at them for not tell me. I would have made it work, but I am so happy, because they are so happy!!!

Now what to get them as a wedding gift....... Any thoughts???
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