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Monday, September 29, 2008

A Hitchcockian Inspired Dress for Fashion sCares

I am struggling with what to wear to Fashion sCares on November 1st. It is truly the Fashion event of the season. I feel the pressure to be appropriately dressed. I have about 20 black tie dresses in my closet that I have only worn once, but I did make the mistake of trying on a new dress last week and that has opened my eyes. The theme is Alfred Hitchcock meets Paris is Burning on November 1 (the day after Halloween). It is really the biggest Gay party in Canada and the Queens come out in full force. Picture the best costumes you have ever seen in your life with lots of naked men! So fun. So on to some of my choices:

In the category of "I already own more than one appropriate dress for this event" this is it. I wore this to my sister's wedding and I think that it would be appropriate for Fashion sCares. A little bit Halloween, a little bit Hitchcockian. I forgot how pretty it was when I looked at the picture of it. I am going to try it on again tonight and see how I feel in it. I really forgot how pretty it was.

This also falls in the "I already own it, and it would be appropriate" category. I think the major thing about this is that I can't wear heels, so it will not be fab. When I wore it last, I had the most fab Christian Lous on. I can't wear any heals so, it will be black ballet flats, which won't probably work with this. I also have a great hat to go with this.....
I wore this, this summer to a wedding in navy blue. It is very comfortable and is very cute. I realize in the pictures that my arms look awful in it, so I am not such a huge fan, but I do love it. You also don't need a necklace, just an awesome bracelet and and some great earrings.
In the vein of 1950's Hitchcock, Grace Kelly, secretary look, this green dress could not be better. I hate the back of the dress, but the front may make up for it. It is so perfect. It evokes the Mad Men era. You can see Tippy Hedren in it in Vertigo. It is so perfect, it is scary. I also love the colour. I am worried that I can't try it on, as it is at Nordstrom.

This is uber cute at Neiman Marcus for $575. You can't see it well in the picture, but the detail around the neck is so cute and formal. I love it, but alas I can't try it on. So sad. If need be I would drive to Detroit and try it on. I love it. I also think that the color is so cute and would bring my eyes out and make them bright blue. The bell sleeve is so adorable also. It is by Tennille White. I have been desperately seeking out other retailers of her dresses, but to no avail. I love this dress!!!!

I tried on this dress when I went to Lola and Gigi. It is very flattering and is really nice. A faux raw silk in chocolate brown, lined in red. It is so slimming it is crazy and I love it. The problem is that I don't wear brown and that is the only color that they have! The dress is $495, so although I don't need it, perfectly appropriate and I could wear a ton of jewellery with it.

This dress lead to a visit to the designer Thien Le, who was a riot. He has such amazing stuff. He is doing all sorts of really neat stuff in Toronto. His target market is the Asian market and he dresses a lot of over size 12. He was a cool guy, who said that he loved dressing women of odd shapes as he sees the pleasure in their faces when he makes them look beautiful. He also said that it is really easy to dress a size 6, but he loves the challenge of making someone who is not happy about the way that they look, look gorgeous. We ended up chatting for a good hour and I will certainly keep up the relationship. I know that he could make me a fantastic dress in the same shape and style of the one above, but it would cost me $2500 +. I don't have that kind of money to spend on this thing right now, nor do I want to. I have to call him this morning and let him know that I can't afford it.

I will post some more of my potentials and some more of what I have in my closet later. I have a couple of tux's in my closet. Maybe that is what I should wear??? I have no idea. The options are endless. Any thoughts are welcome.

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