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Monday, September 8, 2008

The perfect present from my fabulous Gay Boyfriend

Sometimes, friends know exactly what you need. I often put up such a front that I don't want to let friends in on how I am feeling and what I need, but good friends always know when we are in a place that is not good. Lately I have been feeling down and not happy as many of you know. One of my most fabulous gay friends called me on Sunday and insisted that I arrive at his apartment for a glass of bubbly with him and his partner. I was not up for it I explained and wanted to just go to bed. He would hear nothing of it. I schlepped down there in a dress that I threw on and my very old LV Speedy on my arm. Not a stitch of make up, not an accessory in sight. Shameful really.

As I arrived I felt fortunate to have friends that felt that I was important enough to care enough about to force me to get out of my slump and come and visit. As I entered their apartment, I saw on the coffee table a fabulous black Patricia Field's bag with lots of tissue and the fad white and black ribbon. I thought nothing of it. We have a few drinks and then I get ready to leave, it is Sunday night and I need my beauty sleep, and my fab friend passes me the bag and says that they picked me up a little something in NYC. The fabulously soft dust bag opened to reveal the crystal encrusted Eiffel Tower Timmy Woods Bag from the Sex and the City Movie. Just what every girl needs to put a smile on her face. It is gorgeous. I can't stop staring at it. I am going to put it on a shelf in my apartment. I don't think that I am going to be able to carry it it is so beautiful. You should see it. The pics above don't do it justice.

Thanks boys. Sometimes you know just how to make me smile!

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