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Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Rant about Curvy Chic Chlothing

I was so excited about buying this cute little Montif C convertible dress from Curvy Girl Clothing. It looks so cute and would be perfect under a jean jacket to a cocktail party in the middle of the summer or over a pair of jeans. The descriptions of the dress just made me even more excited:

"Marked Down" Convertible Marilyn Dress by Monif C.
Perfect for those hot summer nights at Caribana! The Marilyn Convertible Dress, inspired by vintage designs, is your MUST have piece for your wardrobe.
This dress ties many different ways (we've counted 22 so far) including as a halter dress, dress with sleeves, skirt, baby doll top, and every other way you can imagine. You need creativity. The model featured is wearing a bra under her dress. Whether a full coverage bra or strapless, you can get a great look with full support. Monif even found a new way to tie the dress by turning the dress around backwards with the back of the dress in the front to cover her backyard curves. You can wear this dress to one event and tie it a completely different way for your next event. No one will EVER know it's the same dress!
* ONE SIZE FITS ALL 14/16 - 22/24
* Dress works for smaller customers as well
* Garment has raw edges (has gone from cut without finishing)
* Will roll slightly once washed.
* Made of luxurious jersey

If it sounds too good to be true, it was. I ordered it through Curvy Chic Clothing and paid using PayPal (something I have only done one other time through eBay). Anyway that was in the middle of August and it has still not arrived. I have called everyday since then and the have not returned my phone calls. I have e-mailed everyday and they have not returned my e-mails.
Basically they have had my money and I have had no dress. I did not know what to do.
I finally called PayPal 10 days ago and they were fabulous. They put the whole thing in motion to get me my dress or to get my money back. I heard today that they are getting my money back. I would have preferred the dress quite frankly, but this is what the end result it. This dress would have been perfect for the winter beach holiday, the media launch I was at last week, a dinner party I'm going to this week with a blazer, it just looked easy. I just tried calling them again and they have disconnected their phone.
I am always looking for new retailers and shops and I am sorrily disappointed that I will not be able to support and write a happy, nice, glowing review of a Canadian retailer. Not only that I am pissed off that they just would not contact me. What the heck is wrong with these people???? I just don't get it. I think that I might write to the Better Business Bureau and report them I am so disgusted. Plus I really friggin' want my awesome blue dress that converts into 22 different dresses. Who wouldn't????
Bottom line is I will ensure that everyone I know does not ever order or use this website. They have f+++ed with the wrong shopper........

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