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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Top Ten Essential Pieces in a Wardrobe of someone who is a size 12+

I wrote about the top 10 things when dressing someone who is not a size 6 but slightly larger than that and I am working on a top 100 list of things that "Every Stylish Princess Should Own", but this list is slightly different. It is for dressing a fuller figure. It is a list of 10 essentials for the larger woman. Here they are:
  1. A Fantastic Pair of Dark Wash Jeans - I love the ones by Paige Premium Denim (available at Nordstrom) and the James Jeans (Lord and Taylor), but I know that their are tons of cheaper jeans out there that are great. They must fit. Your ass must look great. You must be able to wear a great shoe with them. Buy a pair for heels and one for flats. These are a staple.
  2. A Crisp White Button Down Shirt - Everyone needs a men's style white button down. It's an essential. The Gap, Old Navy, Neiman Marcus, Ann Fountain - whether you want to spent $20 or $300 you must have a clean, crisp, white button down in your closet, at least one.
  3. A perfectly fitting Black Single Breasted Pant Suit - No elastic pant waist, no polyester, just a perfect fit. Tailored if needed - bring in the arms if they are too big, make sure the buttons don't gape, straight or slightly boot leg pants - lined. Calvin Klein makes a great one. Buy all the pieces you can. Blazer, pants, skirt. It's worth it. You can wear the blazer with jeans, skirts, anything....
  4. Black Pointy Toed Pumps - I am off of any heels right now due to a broken ankle, but these are a necessity. My sister loves the ones at Nine West and at $80 how can you go wrong.
  5. White round neck t-shirts - Must have. I buy mine at Target for $5 but I know people who buy them at Old Navy, Holt Renfrew or Nordstrom for much more. I wear them until they feel a little bit work out or dirty or yellow and then into the donation pile they go. You can wear them with anything.
  6. The Fabulous LBD - Find a Little Black Dress that fits you. They are out there for the woman that wears over a size 12. Jones of New York always makes one, Anne Klein too. I personally love a wrap dress like it is nobodies business (wearing one today). It is essential that this goes from my work office (with that black blazer or cardigan) to a great dinner out. I have 5-6 of these in different styles that are true staples. They are my go to.
  7. A great, simple dark Jean Jacket - Can be worn with everything, over anything. Ralph Lauren makes a great one, as does Levi's.
  8. Perfect Black Pants - My winter staple. If you are over a size 12 go to Lane Bryant. They have great ones and they are cheap. Agnes B makes a fabulous pant and so does Armani. I end up getting to a point in the winter where I hate snow and don't want to do anything anymore and these are all that I can put on with a great jacket or twin set. Also necessary for nights out.
  9. A classic everyday handbag - if you buy it at Value Village or are carrying a Birkin, a handbag is essential. I think that it is important to have a piece that speaks to you. A handbag for me is that piece. A classic, large enough to carry what you need. There is nothing worse than seeing a woman with 10 plastic bags and all her worldly goods hanging out when she walks down the street. Get yourself a handbag and look put together.
  10. A great pair of flats - As I have the broken ankle, my flats are my friend this year. I love them. Between my Tod's, Tory Burch's and my fab $12 Target favourites always am wearing these. Heels are not good for you all the time and flats are hip right now.

There they are. My thoughts on the top 10 peices to own.

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