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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fashion Faux Pas

I have to say that I am in a really bitchy, crusty mood today, so I apologize, in advance for my meanness.
I have to say that now more than ever, I have seen more badly dressed people than I can even recount. As I try and always have my fab Sony camera in my bag, I have been compelled to shoot some shots of these appaulling looks.

This is one of my least favourite and I can't believe that immediately after I had been chatting about it at drinks with some friends we witnessed it on the street. The Juicy Couture velour sweatsuit on someone over 12 years of age, the huge fake louis vuitton bag, the huge Dolce and Gabbana knock off sunglasses that have logos everywhere and then the piece de resistance, the raffia wedge sandal!!!! It's October. I know that it is warm, but lady, your in your 30's. Buy a decent pair of jeans a white t-shirt and wear the Juicy sweatshirt (it's passable). Ditch the shoes, please, as quickly as possible, and buy some black or silver flip flops if you must have your toes exposed. Go to target or your local drugstore and buy some generic fabulous sunglasses. no logos, black. loose the cheap plastic bag and go to the Gap or Old Navy, TJ Marshalls, or Winners, Target is the best, and buy a bag that is fun and not trying to be something you can't afford. I promise you, you will look so much better, and my eyes won't hurt when you strut down the street......

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