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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Costume Jewellery Storage Issues

I am in the process of decluttering my life. I am trying to re manage everything in my life and my stuff is a big part of it. I once read a great article in Oprah's Magazine about a poor woman who had become completely overloaded by her stuff (granted she had a mental illness), but some of the tips were great in the article. 3 of them that I will never forget are:
1. touch everything in your space and make the choice to have it in your space
2. keep a pile of things by your door that you need to throw out or take to the recycling bin. every time you leave, take something with you.
3. every time you bring something new into your space take something out

I have been consciously trying to do all of these things. Unsuccessfully for the most part but trying. My latest challenge has been the inordinate amount of costume jewels that I have. Here is just a sampling of what was taking over the space above my sink:
It was off to Home Depot and the view of the Peg Board panels were appealing......
Aha, we have a winner.
Cut to size and ready to go. (The guy who cut the peg board asked me out by the by. I thought the double lip ring and the orange apron was not quite up my alley)....
I bought a great frame at IKEA. I was worried about how I would attach the peg board to the wall. I then saw this frame that has lots of space behind the "image" as you need space for the accessories to hook on.Made sure that the peg board fit.
I painted the peg board in my apartment on the floor, held up by four cans. I thought that I needed to let the paint flow through the holes onto the garbage bag. I'm glad I did this. It made it easier to clean out the holes afterwards.
The array of accessories that I purchased, mainly hooks. I really would like some "container" type things for earrings and cuff lings. The search continues.
I painted the peg board in baby pink glossy paint. I had to then punch out all of the holes with a wooden chop stick (it was the perfect width). I found scraping down the back with a knife was really helpful to get off all the dried drips.
A close up of the pink fabulousness...
Tada..... all decked out. I should have taken one with just the hooks, but once I started I couldn't stop. I can't wait to hang it above my new dresser. I will post some pics, when the whole area is complete. I think that it will be super cute.
I really love that I can see everything, and finally all of my costume jewellery is out (at least the stuff that I like to wear). I am already wearing more of it.
More organizational stuff later. This is only the beginning of bigger and better things for me.....

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Migraine Chick said...

what a super great project. I wish I could organize my life like that jewelry board!


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