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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Lola and Gigi - Visit number 2

I made a second visit to the lovely Laura at Lola and Gigi. I was on the website on Thursday and I saw the dress above that I thought would be perfect for a big dinner that I have this coming Thursday. I was really thrilled to go up and spend some time with Laura. It was such a spend time with her. Laura is super sweet and it is a totally personal experience. It is just you and her and the clothes. The studio is super cute and she and her husband have done a really good job in making it adorable.
I ended up buying the dress above which is quite neat. It is very grown up. I feel like it really is a dress that I will be wearing when I am 40 years old. I liked that it was quite grown up. I tried on a couple of other dresses and really like them ass well, but they weren't like this. Also, I and Laura found it quite neat that I tried on the XL and the 1X they were totally different. The XL was cut very differently than the 1X which was not only too big, but had a much more open neck line. I bought the XL and it fits me like the woman in the photo, which I am happy with.
I also bought a new staple in my wardrobe, the Body Wraps. I wear these everyday and live in them. I love them! If you don't own them you should. As soon as I put them on, they made the dress, just fall perfectly and suck all the right things in.
The other things that I bought, and that I love, is a new black boiled wool coat by Eva Tralala for the fall and spring. I needed a new fall/spring coat and this week had had a challenge in what to wear to the office. I ended up wearing my short wool coat when it was cold here, but was envious of the women on the bus who had the perfect fall coats. Anyway, Laura had been to Europe with her husband on a buying trip and had brought back a host of different coats in the boiled wool. Three different styles, the long, jacket, and bolero. I loved them all, but restrained myself and only bought the long one in black. She had a really pretty red in it too, but it just wasn't as practical. It is really cute and I think that today might be the perfect day to wear it. Its rainy and gross here so boiled wool coziness might be the best thing to wear.
I gave Laura some advice to help her continue to grow or expand a bit. I really like her and want to see her do well. I see her growing but also being stalled a bit on her growth. I have some thoughts and hope that I can help her. I am really going to give it some thought and formalize it into something that I can then talk to Laura a bit more about. I think that this is what I am quite good at in terms of thoughts and strategic planning and I would love to see her be successful. I'll let you know if I come up with anything.

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