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Monday, January 12, 2009

The King of Blond Strikes again

It is so odd to have something that people stop you in the streets to say they like. I pride myself in having nice things, nice handbags, a good sense of style, good shoes etc. People will sometimes stop and ask where I got them or friends will ask where I picked up a clutch or a scarf, but recently my hair is getting a lot of press time. I have gone quite a bit blonder recently, thanks to Lois Pacheco at Hair on the Avenue, who is really the King of Blond. Anyway, more and more people are stopping me and asking me about the colour. I got my hair coloured on Saturday and 4, yes 4 people, STRANGERS!!!!, asked me who did my hair this weekend. Luckily when I visited Lois on Saturday, I grabbed a number of his cards for my wallet. Little did I know that I may need more than I have. I have apparently become a walking advertisement for the cute King of Blond Lois.

As he did say when he was done on Saturday, this was his best colour that he had done on me yet! I think that the 4 strangers and I would agree! Thanks sweety!

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