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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I can't even call it "plus" size dressing

I can't believe how many people have e-mailed me asking me for my list of stores for clothes, so I will be putting it together over the next little while. I think that I could really make a living in helping women dress themselves who aren't a size 4 and redefining how they feel about themselves.

I get it. I can dress well. I understand the challenges. I know where to get the clothes. I am really thinking that I could help women at least know where to look. In the past, I've written some post's about dressing for your size, I think that I will link that to this post. It is key to this whole discussion, no matter what your size to dress in the right size clothes that fit. Clothes that don't pull, pants that are long enough, shirts that close and don't gape, the right accessories, not too many accessories, decent shoes, etc.

Anyway, I am working on the list and will post the list in a bit. In the mean time, I am sad about the state of the clothing industry for the over size 10 set.


Liberty London Girl said...

Oh you know how cross it makes me - & I am US10...AND a fashion editor but even I can;t find clothes I like. LLGxx

PrincessSteph said...


I at least find some of the High Street stores in London do stock some decent sizes and soem longer pants (god bless them). I can't believe that you at a size 10 have trouble. It's disgusting. My mother is 6 ft tall and 135 lbs and struggles also. It's so shocking. I remember meeting with the marketing head at Gucci and he just told me flat out that they knew that we had money, but at the end of the day the designers didn't want to see us in their designs. Made me want to vomit.



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