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Monday, March 2, 2009

Wear over a size 10?

Anyone who knows my blog, knows that I wear over a size 10, a size 14-18 to be exact and that I find, although I make a very decent salary, and would spend a lot of money on clothes, it is infuriating to buy clothes!!!! How is it possible to not be able to find clothes over a size 10 when over half of the woman in the world wear over a size 14???? It is one of the major annoyances of fashion for me. I can afford Gucci, Chanel, Prada etc, I just can't fit my baby toe in it. There was a great article in the LA times about this here. I know that you are frustrated too, if you wear over a size 10. All of my girlfriends and I have had this conversation and it frustrates us to no end. I have a list of resources where I shop. Maybe I will post them tonight. Maybe that will make me feel a bit better.......


lynn said...

So with you there! You'll see a photo of me at my blog looking a size 10 but hey that was years ago! I absolutely agree. Marks & Spencer are hopeless for sizing, as are many others and it seems the more you pay, the worse it gets! I smell a gap in the market without being an 'outsized' merchant!

Migraine Chick said...

I'm over a size 10, too, and I feel the same frustations. I would love to see your list.


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