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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Nutmeg Factory of Grenada

I absolutely loved the island of Grenada and the wonderful experience of Grenada. I spent the day exploring the "Spice Island" and it was fabulous. The whole island smells of Nutmeg and the women that I met were wonderful. Many of them had been working in the factory for 30+ years and I am so happy with how the photos of that day turned out. I am in the process of having some of them blown up for my apartment, as I love the light in them and think that they will add some colour and vibrancy. Plus it is time to spice things up a bit. Pardon the pun!


kmk said...

Grenada was such a sad, sad place. So much poverty.
I too visited the nutmeg factory. All I could think about was these poor women working in the heat, long hours, for hardly any money, and doing the same manual, repetitive labor, all day long. No joy in their faces. Everything old and the same as a factory 100 years ago. Little light, no color, gloomy, depressing, I thought of the days of slave labor.
I have done my fair share of travel in my life and Grenada is a place I can say I have left nothing to go back for. It broke my heart.

PrincessSteph said...

KMK, of all the islands in the carribbean, Grenada was the one island that i had not been to with Trinadad and Tobago. went to Grenada and Tobago this past winter to visit friends. found that in grenada it was nice to see that they had an industry on the island. many of them don't. so many of the islands are just sustained by tourism. i did not find grenada an island that i would go back to and stay at, but i liked the people and found the island interesting.


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