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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dressing for the workplace Day 2

So what are you wearing to work today?  A question that I think is so rarely asked of a woman or a man these days.  After my post yesterday, I have been looking thoughtfully at the women and men around me and noticing that I don't think one of them cares how they are presenting themselves at the office. I do care.  I take pride in the way that I dress on most days.  It is important to me.  It gives of a certain image, a certain feeling and presence of who I want to be.  Today I thought I would continue on with my comentary on what I am wearing and talk about another "work uniform" that I live in, in the winter:

Behold God's gift to every woman, the classic pencil skirt!  Today I have on:
  • a black pencil skirt with a grey heather pinstripe that hits just below the knee.  What is fantastic about this skirt is the lovely zipper in the back that unzips up to the mid thigh depending on weather you or your partner would like it to be open or closed ;)
  • A simple white button down.I prefer a french cuff shirt, but did not have any in the closet this morning
  • A heather grey cashmere cardigan
  • A lovely multistrand pearl necklace (I had a light green Hermes scarf on earlier, but the heat in the office has gone bonkers and so I have switched it for the necklace for a bit!)
  • Black bumps with an excellent cut away detail on the side
  • nude color stockings
  • excellent unmentionables (the key to any great outfit for a woman!)

For the day, i am so committed to simple jewellery and one statement peice, an Hermes scarf, a great pair of glasses, a cuff etc.  Today the necklace or the scarf, simple cuff gold earrings and a diamond eternity band. Easy.

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