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Monday, November 2, 2009

Dressing for the workplace

A few things have happened in the last month that have reconfirmed that I actually know how to dress quite well. 
  1. I have been asked recently to help some of my friends dress for work and other social occasions.  (do a complete make over type scenerio for them, take them shopping, help them try clothes on etc.)
  2. I have attracted the attention, by twitter at least, of a boy who is intrigued by the way that I dress
  3. A girl that I work with has a girl crush on me at the office who loves the way I dress
  4. I was stopped on the street last week, by someone who told me I was dressed impeccably.
All of this has made me feel fabulous, as you can imagine.  I was also asked recently what my uniform for work is and it is so basic that it is scary to even mention.  it made me think that if all of these people are talking to me about what is appropriate attire, then there must be a need for some solid advice.  Not that the way that I dress is the be all and end all, it is not.  It is though conservative, formal, for someone who is in their 30's and not a size 0 or 8 for that matter.  I thought that I would track it through some pics and also through documenting what I am wearing when I think about it as a little project.  Today for instance, the work attire consists of:
  • light blue no-iron slim fit shirt from Brooks Brothers
  • a black quilted silk blazer/jacket by Harve Benard
  • standard black dress pants
  • tods winter driving mocs in black patent
  • a light blue hermes scarf tied in an ascot, tucked into my shirt

Simple, easy, elegant.  Nothing is falling out, no cleavage showing, no skin protruding, but I look well dressed for the workplace and I have to say rather attractive. 

The accessories are really what does it, and the scarf and simple gold cuff earring and a strand of pearls, make the whole outfit.  I am carrying a Longchamps tote today as I had a ton of stuff to lug to the office.

This my friend, is how i dress for the office.

1 comment:

Easy and Elegant Life said...

Excellent choices all. Timeless and classic. The scarf completes the outfit. Few seem to want to wear one these days and I find it mystifying as it can take the ensemble from ordinary to extraordinary. Perhaps that's why Ralph Lauren styles so many of his models with scarves?

Simple and chic, keep fighting the good fight.


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