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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thoughts on being anonymous and this little blog

my blog and my twitter account are linked.  i have spoken about this before and how as i meet people on twitter i worry more and more about this link.  i write on this blog about very intimate and personal things, including, my health, thoughts on future family and goals, my mental health, my family, my issues, things that i encounter everyday and ways that i (usually don't) deal with them well.

my blog is me exposed. it is my inner most thoughts, my inner most feelings, my heart.  i wonder what people think?  when i am about to go and meet someone, even a new girlfriend for coffee that i've met on twitter, i check out their blog, i see what they're saying.  heck, if i like people that i am following then i go and see what their blog is all about. it is an important part of twitter for me.

so i have know written about some recent interactions with twitter individuals that i have had and i worry that i have fucked it up.  i worry that the linking of the blog and twitter has now buggered up a good friendship that i made on twitter.  should i un-link this from my twitter account? any thoughts are greatly appreciated.



JDR said...

There is some merit to anonymity, but in the end, its all about how much of yourself you're willing to reveal to people you may form a good connection with. At least, that's what I think. For people who follow you on twitter, I'm sure your blog is just a deeper insight into who you are, and (at least to me) you don't seem like a person who'd present different personalities in various situations. Hope this helps :)

TNF said...

i'm a huge blog fan in general. i think linking your blog to twitter just gives more insight into you and your personality. from what i can tell sometimes your blog comments seep into your tweets but obviously you don't go into as much depth.



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