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Thursday, November 12, 2009

re-connecting with an old friend

i have re-connected with an old university friend from over 10 years ago that i haven't seen in ages and am so happy.  she is one of those girlfriends that i used to spend hours with hanging out, shopping, we were wing men in bars, we chased boys, we did everything together!  i have been searching for her for years.  she absolutely disappeared and i was so sad.  it was like a part of my life disappeared.  she was not mentally healthy in university and so i knew that after university she had needed some time to go and find herself a bit, so i let her.  this time also meant that i lost her!  last spring we re-connected in Toronto for a lunch as she was on her way moving from rhode island to chicago.  i was so happy to get some time with her.  it was like we had never left each other.  i felt like i was home.

i am hoping that i will get to go and see her next weekend. i am just waiting for another friend to confirm that they are available for some hanging out that weekend in the windy city also.  i miss her and need some time with an old friend.  god help us for the trouble we might get ourselves into......

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