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Friday, November 13, 2009

What am I wearing today

Today, readers I am wearing my usual black pant suit, so the name of the game is accessories.  Maybe that is the name of the game always for me?  I think that it tends to be.  Anyway, the key with wearing all black for me is to make sure that the pieces that I match with my outfit will stand out even more and will make me pop.
So first the shoes:They are basics-black patent high heel loafers by Emma Hope.  What is fantastic about these shoes are that they comfortable, they have a lovely heel that is between a stilletto and a stacked heel and the stitching is gorgeous.  What is great is that they are uber sexy from the back.LOVE!

The suit is a simple black single breasted - Ralph Lauren. The pants are a widish leg with a cuff.  I don't like a wide leg usually or a cuff, but these work.  I think that the most imposrtant part of a suit, especially a pant suit on a girl who is not a size zero is that it is well tailored and fits immpecably.  Everything should be tailored. I have the arms on all my jackets taken in and the sleeves and pants lengthened.  It makes it semi custom.  I added the sparkly belt just for fun. It add a smile and matched my cufflinks.Shirt is a white french cuff lovely.  i am going to throw this out though after today.  It is too big.  It is important for my shirts to fit snuggly. this one does not.

With any french cuff shirt, goes french cufflinks.  These are totally adorable and cute.  They are by the british designer Simon Carter and the scotties are to die for.  Love the tinge of blue on the collar!

A close up of my little scottie friend.  Sorry, how cute are they??

The last bit of my ensemble, other than bag and coat of course is my scarf.  No black suit is perfect without a scarf.  This is one of my faves.  It is an Hermes and it is really cute. it is all child themed and is a large game board.
The lovely scarf open. it really is uber pretty.  So that is what I am wearing today. 
Hope that you were stylish in your days also!

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