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Sunday, November 8, 2009

What am I wearing day 3

I have not been providing my daily updates for the last few days as I have been down with the stomach flu and I apologize, as I had hoped to keep this up more frequently. No point in beating myself up about it!  So in the terrible picture above is the outfit that I wore to work last Thursday.  What is really great about this look, other than the fact that I look like a stewardess, is that it is really basic and has some really fun accessories.

The skirt is highwasted, the top of the waist band sits about 3-4inches above my actual waist.  The front of the skirt is pleated on the left hand side and is a bit like a bell skirt.  It is rather short and sits mid-thigh, but with an opaque, or patterned black tight I really like it.  I also think I could pull it off with a pair of leggings nicely. The other nice piece is the French Cuff white shirt.  I didn't catch a good pic of the cuffflinks, but they were simple pearl buttons.

\I wore a lovely light pink, green and yellow toned Hermes scarf tied in a loose ascot knot.  I thought it added a necessary bit of color to the outfit especially as I really didn't wear any jewellery expect my Cartier Rolling ring and tiny gold earrings.  What is not shown in these pics is the black blazer that is on the back of my office chair!

The other place that I had fun with what I was wearing was on my feet.  I am not a huge fan of Tory Burch shoes (I do love her clothes, terrible preppy and adorable!), but the shoes have come and gone.  These ones I really liked, because of the silver band on the stacked heel and they looked really comfortable.  ohhh how wrong i was.  These are the most uncomfortable shoes I own.  They are so painful.  You too for $495 can own shear torture.  Needless to say they were fun with the outfit.  The tights are a patterned black.

This is what I wore to work on Thursday!

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wonTONfm aka Tona said...

I love your style! So classic but with great modern touches. Love it!


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