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Sunday, January 2, 2011

What do they think? I dropped off the earth for 18 months

After writing my post about friends asking "How Are You?", I realized that my lack of understanding of my friends and their reaction to mental health was larger than just that question.  I have been reflecting over the last few days about friendship and friends and what has happened over the last year and a half, and I am disappointed.

I am disappointed that I didn't reach out for help, that I didn't let some friends in when I really needed it, that I didn't open up a bit about what I was going through -  but I couldn`t.  I was too sick.  This is where good friends should have stepped in, and some of them did, I will be forever grateful to those friends and cannot ever tell them how much I love and appreciate them.

It is the other friends that have fallen away, not called, not reached out, that I wonder about.  Do they wonder if I am just such a bitch that I have not called? that I have found a new group of friends? what exactly do they think has happened?  I dropped off the face of the earth for 18 months?

On that note, January is not only the month of "My Body is a Temple" Month, but it is also "Operation Friendship".  I am going to look at friends, their reaction to my mental health, the regrowth of relationships, establishing new friendships etcetera.

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the2scoops said...

count me in as part of your Operation :)


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