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Friday, March 11, 2011

Baby steps towards happiness

I am trying to manage my own expectations for myself and for my weekend.  I have a lot going on this weekend and I am tired and excited and happy that I have pushed myself to be social.  My life lately has not been social and so I am trying to push myself to go out.  It is an interesting process to go from the person who knows everyone to the person who knows everyone yet wants to do nothing.  I find it very difficult.  So I am setting small goals. 

This weekend I am subdividing my weekend into bits and pieces.  Smaller goals, rather than one big goal of JUST BEING MORE SOCIAL!  Things like I will go out on Saturday night.  I will have coffee with someone other than myself this weekend.  I will go for a walk with friends.  Baby steps towards happiness....Baby steps towards not being so devastatingly lonely....

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Counselor Musings said...

Good for you in creating smaller goals and not a "be more social" goal. While that can be what you'd ultimately like the weekend to be, how do you be more social, what does that look like, and how will you know if you've been successful. Try writing some SMART goals (there's a post on my blog in nov or dec about them) so that you're successful. Good luck!


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