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Friday, May 16, 2008

A New Read for me: Bringing Home the Birkin

Anyone who has ever met me, ever met my mother, ever been near one of the ladies of my family knows that we would practically kill for a Birkin. My Grandmother used to have tons of them (did they keep them? no. Is it a story for another time? yes) and I have been known to pet one in public when with someone carrying one. I love them. I love and dream of in particular the Hermes Orange Crocodile 35 cm bag for a mere $35,000 US and a 3 year wait list at least. I would even do it in boring leather for $9,000 it I had to (the old adage of one cow for one Birkin is fine with me! I'm no SPCA member). Anyway......I think that when I win the lottery (I know I'd have to buy a ticket, a minor stumbling block) or some how am left a large sum of money from some fabulous person that I have yet to meet, I will buy one. In the mean time, I will pine after my mother's and read the new book: Bringing Home the Birkin - my life in hot pursuit of the world's most coveted handbag

I think that it is going to be quite different from what I originally thought the book was going to be about given the back of the book description " A globe-trotting story of serendipity, blackmail, fashion, fraud, insatiable greed, bribery, heartbreak, romance, and the world's most impossible-to-get handbag."

I plan on devouring it over the Canadian long weekend this weekend. Look forward to the book report a la Grade 6 styles in the near future. In the mean time a touch of eye candy to keep me happy:

1 comment:

coco said...

I am so ordering this!
It sounds like a great read!


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