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Thursday, July 17, 2008

what makes a wedding extraordinairy?

Having just spent a week with PFM (perfect for me) and his friends and family, his new wife and her friends and family I am convinced that I was just at the most fantastic, fabulous wedding ever. I have really been at some weddings in here that were over the top in terms of details and flowers and money spent (the $30K Vera Wang drees, the real diamond tiara with matching hair combs for all the bridesmaids kind of weddings) where I felt that the host could not have spent a a cent more to make the wedding any better. They all pale in comparison to the PFM wedding. Now that I have had a week to reflect on the wedding, I think that I am able to reflect on what made it so special and so ott (over the top):
  • The Bride and Groom - They are so happy. I was crying throughout the service and speeches and at all sorts of times during the 14 hour wedding. They were so happy and over the top. It was lovely to see.
  • The Guests - Never before have I been with 130 more interesting, caring, fun, fascinating and genuinely excited to be a part of this exciting event, individuals. There was not one person there that I did not want to hang out with. Everyone was Fabulous and I would be honoured to call anyone and lucky to call any of them my friends. The families of the bride and groom were also absolutely lovely. It was an honor to be associated with them.
  • The personalized details - were AMAZING! From the moment you arrived in your room, there was a personalized box with a luggage tag, a handwritten note with a welcome and personalized guide to the country fashioned after the Zagat guides. At the wedding, no stone was left unturned of. On each place setting, there was a personal handwritten note to each guest with a thank you for attending and the reason that it was so important to the bride and groom that you were there. Truly over the top. I cried when I read mine. So beautiful.
  • The wedding details - fireworks, clowns, air cannons filled with rose petals, 60 child choir singing through out the ceremony, personal transportation, breakfast served at 6am, on and on and on go the details.
  • The Flowers - I know that it was in the country that supplies roses to the world, but the flowers were beyond anything that I have ever experienced. They were amazing. Carpets, 2 feet deep, of multi colored rose petals, lined every walk way, white roses everywhere, Jasmin was incorporated into all of the key arrangement, but not at the tables, so that the scent of Jasmin hung in the air, it was unbelievable.

At the end of the day the wedding was personal and was truly about the bride and groom and the guests. It could not have been better. It was wonderful. I was truly blessed to be a part of it. God willing I will one day be able to reciprocate the invitation to this bride and groom at my own wedding. I certainly learnt a lot to make sure that I organize a fabulous event of my own.

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