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Friday, November 28, 2008

The Perfect Black Boot

I have never been able to buy a high boot, classic boot that I can where with a skirt or dress because of the size of my calf's. It has been a very sad point for me. I have not understood why boots do not come in a bigger calf size. I had actually given up trying on boots because I was sick of trying them on and having them not even go on my foot. It was embarrassing and awful. I felt ashamed.

This year I had decided that I would take the bulls by the horns and find a pair. it was not possible that the only boots that would work for me this winter again, were ugly Uggs, was it??? I searched online and was appalled to see really ugly "wide calf" boots. They all had heels and came to your mid-calf (the worst place to have a boot end!), not to mention that they all looked cheap. I was at a loss and had given up.

I was then on the Ron White website and came across these lovely boots by Prevata. I was intrigued. I loved that they had the elastic back, they were flat, they looked gorgeous!!! One of the best things about dealing with the Ron White website is that they will ship the shoes to the local store in Toronto so you can try them on before you buy them. I stopped in on Wednesday and it was like God himself had wanted me to have these boots. They fit perfectly!!!!! Not only that they are BEAUTIFUL!!!!

The flap on the front front of the boot flips up and comes up to mid-thigh. It is so lovely. They are perfect with a skirt or with a dress. I nearly cried in the store that they fit. The sales woman thought that I was crazy. I explained and she understood. She gave me comfort that I was not the only person that had been totally disheartened by boot shopping. Anyway, needless to say, they came home home with me. It is so nice to be able to feel like I am a normal member of society able to buy boots.

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