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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Today's Thanks - New Social Enviornments

Today I spent the evening with a friend as her "date" at a 40th birthday party of one of her good friends partners. I gave up going to 4 Christmas Parties where I would have known everyone, to a party where I knew no one. I was not up for drinking up a storm and small chat with a ton of good friends and felt like doing something a bit more low key and a bit more off track. When the invite to attend a 40th birthday came through I was so happy. A chance to hang out with a group of totally new people. There were three or four very different groups there. He and his partner are gay, so there were a number of gay men their which was really fun and a ton of performers (the birthday boy led a number of choirs). It was so neat being in a room of people that I didn't know. It's so rare that it happens that I really liked it. I loved being incognito. I had a great time.

We ended up having way to much too drink and my friend and I spent a lot of time at the bar bitching about the guests at the party. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed a new experience. My only complaint, not enough straight men. I need to hang out with less gay men. It is causing me too many problems.....

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