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Monday, September 21, 2009

A little to close for comfort

I have not shared my blog with anyone that i actually know before. It is very personal. I write about family, mental health (aka my mental health), migraines, struggles etc. I do not write about the happy go lucky side of me.

What happened today is huge in the evolution in my blog and in my life. I have started to meet people through twitter and i made the evolution today of posting my ridiculous Polish Festival pictures and then posting them to my twitter account. This was done without thinking through the fact that I actually knew people who I communicate with on Twitter in person.

Fast forward a few hours and a number of people had commented on the photos and were laughing at them. I had thought nothing of it until a friend who i had written about on my blog, that I met through twitter, messages me and says "I didn't know you had a blog". Well yes, you didn't because I don't tell people. it is linked to my twitter account, but if you had chosen not to go and look at it, i did not have to tell you, did i?

What is worrying is the idea that now my head, heart, mind and psycho thoughts are open to people that I actually know. Do they care? likely not and if they are my friends they will be open and willing to accept me for who I am. I think where there is a scary opening is where it becomes an opening to people that know more about me before i want them to.

I cannot worry about this anymore. I have sent him a DM back and haven't heard back. I have chosen to meet friends on twitter and to link my blog for now to my twitter account. I am not sure how this will all play out. We shall see.

Thanks for listening/reading. I appreciate it more than you know.



Anonymous said...

you are incredibly honest and brave with your writing. A rare combination indeed. Be true to who you are. That's the one gift we can all give to the world.

Header said...

I was also nervous when people I knew started reading my blog - especially when my co-workers found out about it from Twitter. I blog about hormones and my menstrual cycle and birth control - YIKES. But you really do have to be honest, and people respect honesty. If our blogs can help others, it's completely worth it.


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