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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It's been a bit of a difficult month...

It has been a difficult month.  I just looked at my  poor, little, neglected blog, and realize that I have not written since July 20th and even then that was not a good post.  So in the last month things have gone hay-wire. 

One of my father's closest friends, who was also a friend of mine, committed suicide on the 19th of July.  It really hit me very hard and you would have thought that I would have gone to writing to express what I am feeling, but it has made me face my own thoughts of suicide.  I have written a post or two about this, but they are still too painful to post.  My father has also been diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer.  I know that it is 100% treatable (God willing) and that he will have the surgery to remove the thyroid at the end of August, but it sent me for a loop.  I'm also coming to terms with my own case of Hoarding (more in a blog post later) and how that is affecting my life and how I just can't seem to fix it.  My sister (#torontosis) just had a second baby and with that comes many of the emotions that I try and suppress...envy, jealousy.... you get the picture. 

So that is the tip of the iceberg.  All in all a bit of a crazy month, and I promise to continue writing.  Now that things aren't so raw, it will be easier, but still not easy.  I know that writing helps me get things out in the open and start to deal with them.  Fingers crossed as time goes on things will flow from my soul to my fingers to a keyboard...

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